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To be saved and get to Heaven, all you've got to do is ask.


-This is not about joining or belonging, but rather it's about your prospering in the completeness of sufficiency. God wants to supply your needs.

-You could touch on that live connection that will enable you to receive from your Heavenly Father Who created you. We don't understand that there's unlimited abundance in the Will of God. There's more than enough for everyone.

-There is no membership or qualifications, just you and your Creator in a private relationship where He can take care of you. -- Perhaps even prosper you so you can realize a talent or ministry or maybe help Him take care of others.

-This then, is a discussion on these matters of prosperity and Christian Economics that, by faith, will help bring some of this to light and ignite the spark within you that will bring forth the fountain of God's supply.

Introduction to The Christian Economist. 12/23/06

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Go thou and do likewise ...